illumination station: what would you like to receive today?

It’s fall. A new season, a new start, a fresh perspective.

How do you want it to begin?

Where do you want to go from here?

What would you like to receive today–to kick-start it all?

And what can you give?

We get what we give. We get what we project. You have so much power. You can do anything.

Here’s what I’d like to receive this fall:

  • 7 new life coaching clients
    A return to the soul of my relationship with my man
    An intensive soul-igniting workshop, where my thoughts and preconceptions are challenged, and my heart is affirmed
    A community of like-minded dedicated dharma and destiny-seekers, aligned with my upcoming Living Yoga: Stress Less, Live Happy program for, launching October 1

Here’s what I’m fueled to give:

  • Love
    Unconditional acceptance
    A dedication to living my dharma, my destiny, and my yoga
    A daily practice of affirming and tuning into the support and guidance of the universe, so I can operate from my highest self, being of service and serving my purpose
    ‘Yes’ to choices–big or small–that light my inner fire, and help me become a light for the world

Here’s what I’d like to receive today:
A sign–big or small–that my actions and intentions are affirmed by the universe.

What would you like to receive today?

Much love,


Sep 4, 2012 · Comment

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