illumination station: are your thoughts serving you?

Beyond our mind, beyond the verbal, analytical part of our brain–there is joy. And peace. Strength. A vibrant, illuminated soul. Clear the path, clear the way, let the light shine.

We can move beyond our thoughts–especially our lizard brain. The verbal, analytical part of our brain processes 40 bits of information per second. Very impressive! The non-verbal part of our brain processes 11 MILLION BITS of information per second. Booyah.

I do daily, minute-by-minute thought clearing. What thoughts aren’t serving me? Label: worrying. Gotcha! Another one? Label: the “I’m not good enough” top tune. Spotted you! What else? Label: the “if I keep following my dream and living my passion I’ll end up broke” mantra. Oh, really? Is that true? Evidence says otherwise.


Watch your thoughts. Which ones are coming from the over-reactive amygdala (aka lizard brain). Which ones are NOT serving you? Fears, doubts, insecurities. Meet them with compassion and love. Thank them for their care and concern. And then question their validity until their ambiguity is revealed. Try Byron Katie’s The Work: turn the limiting thought around to it’s opposite; then look for three examples that prove this opposite is true.

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You’ve got the power.

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Thank you for this! I love your writing and your awesome insights. I strive to make sure that my thoughts are serving me, most of the time. Of course, the other kind creep in sometimes. That’s why I love reminders like this one. Byron Katie is another great source of inspiration, thanks for that reminder as well!


@Tamara Oh yes love her! I’m so glad you’re on the A-Team Tamara! (A for awareness ;). The world’s a better place for it. Much love, L


Just stumbled across your writing at dailycupofyoga. I love your writing style, topics you choose and content! Thanks for sharing your insight! Have been looking for a blog holding similar interests to mine!


Hey Saya! Thanks! Much love to you, L



let me know Techniques to come over the fear of facing public talk/presentation skills. Every time when I try I go hot and cold and my mind occupied with negative thoughts and fear.

Kindly help me.


Hey Kamaal; you’re not alone in this. Fear of public speaking is one of the number one fears listed by pretty much everyone. Here’s some tools to help you get your nervous system back into a state of balance and out of the fight or flight response: breathe deeper. This gets your calming systems going. Wiggle your toes; this gets you thinking about other things, instead of the insecurities and fear coming up, and focusing on the non-fear-based activity in your body. These might sound trivial, but if you do them, I promise they will help; they’re designed to directly counteract the stress response. And as for those negative thoughts and fear…I’d recommend identifying and practicing working with your inner lizard. Check out this post for details on that:

p.s. I’ll give you a more detailed response in a video post down the line. Good luck! L


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