i believe in us. today i’m gonna try and change the world

I believe in love.

I believe small acts of kindness make a big difference.

…right now, someone is giving someone else their seat on the bus, and transforming their experience of that moment—or even their whole day.

I believe in the human capacity to grow, to evolve, to create positive change in the world—even if it’s simply through our revitalized presence.

…beaming a smile at someone can help them feel seen, recognized and appreciated.

I believe in beauty.

I believe it exists all around us and is growing all the time.

…right now, in this exact moment, somebody is working to make sure that people in Haiti who need houses have them.

I believe in the human capacity to give without bounds, to understand that there is a point in trying and not giving up, and that there is always a way.

…telling someone who is struggling that we think what they’re doing is wonderful could be the one small boost they need to help them continue on.

I believe in truth.

I believe we are coming to understand that holding onto our integrity is more important than holding onto our wallets.

…right now, someone is making the choice to take less pay for a position that enables them to do more good.

I believe in the human ability to listen to the feedback from our bodies, telling us to listen to our hearts and honour our essential selves.

…noticing our physiological reaction to our choices can guide us into making better ones.

I believe in us.

I believe we can all live lives of purpose, honouring who we are and the world around us, without sacrificing our health, happiness or vitality.

…right now, a 25 year old man is leaving his high-stress job that has caused him ulcers to follow his dream to travel and share the world.

I believe in the human ability to triumph over false societal mores that tell us we have to work until we’re sick in order to be successful.

…the strength of one determined human heart is more powerful than the minds of hundreds of doubters.

I believe in you.

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Thank you so much for sharing your post… It is really beautiful. The song is really touching as well. Do you mind if I post your blog to my blog? I would love to share it with my family and friends! Cheers!


Sure, feel free to re-post to your blog! Please just credit me and please link back to the original on http://joyyoga.blogspot.com/2011/05/i-believe-in-us-today-im-gonna-try-and.html.Namaste,Lindsey


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