attention high achievers. ever feel overwhelmed + confused? kinda stuck? how to tap your instincts + get back in the flow

Here’s some kickers that might ring true for you: You’ve got to make lists, set deadlines, map it out, make it happen. Aint nothin’ gonna go down unless it’s in your daytimer/Blackberry/iPhone. I what? Exactly. Where’s the ‘I’ in all of that? Or rather, where’s the ‘you’?

You’ve got the master plan. You’ve got the blueprint. It’s not in your day timer/Blackberry/iPhone. Your best, most brilliant and beautiful life is beyond all that. It’s in grace. Stay with me here.

Grace doesn’t live in a palm-sized computer. Grace doesn’t live in a to-do list. Grace lives in freedom, in flow, in liberty–in the exhilaration of living in the moment.

Yes! It is possible to feel this way while working. Yes! It is possible to feel this way pretty much all the time. And yes! It is possible to get a whole lotta stuff DONE while feeling it.

You were born to.

The intuitive mind gets grace. It gets that stuff’s gotta be done. But it also gets that, sometimes, what needs to be done isn’t what we think.

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”- Albert Einstein

Does this ring true? It sure does for me. I spent a looooong time master planning every moment of my life–under the delusion that if I did I’d achieve everything I wanted to, never drop the ball, and prevent any stress and anxiety about whether or not I’d be able to get it all done from cropping up. If I’d planned it all out, all I had to do was stick with the plan, and it’d happen. Done. Presto relaxo. Easy peasy.

Scratch that record. Nothing feeds anxiety and stress like making huge detailed lists of things that need to be done. Nothing gets us further from our deepest peace and living in the graceful flow of life like letting our rational mind always run the show–every minutely-planned minute of the day. And did I NEVER drop the ball? The overwhelmed mind doesn’t work properly; stress has a negative, function-impairing effect on our brain. I dropped the ball. AND I was so stressed out that it became a HUGE BIG DEAL, instead of a small oversight I could easily fix.

The truth is that letting go = gaining control. It sounds like an oxymoron. It’s not. When we give a little more lovin’ to our intuitive mind, we tap into the master plan, our raison d’etre, our dharma and purpose on this planet. We can begin to live in grace. When we drop the minutely-planned every minute of every day to follow the direction that our first instinct takes us, we tap into our ability to get the MOST IMPORTANT things done–the things that will help us continue to open to a life that makes us truly, deeply happy and free.

Drop the too-detailed to-do list. Make less detailed ones, if you want. And then: Trust your instincts. They’ll take you places your mind never even imagined.

With love,


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Love this – keep the to-do lists bare and simple. And let flow take care of the rest. ” The overwhelmed mind doesn’t work properly; stress has a negative, function-impairing effect on our brain.” Yes, yes, yes!


Love this and as I look at very overflowing to do list, just the reminder I need.


You’re absolutely right. In the last few years I have started jotting out goals with “big” ideas like getting a Master in this field…or working for N. clients. I just created the big picture without too many details and set an internal deadline …was very focused when I wrote things done and then I let it go…that is I go through my days doing my best but without stressing out to reach those goals and enjoying life trying to build a balance between work, fun and social life, and time for myself…and there you go…slowly things fall into pieces: I get some goals..and somehow even the others slowly start building up and shaping. It’s usually about having faith in it and then acting but without “pushing” too much. And it will all happen, or and the universe will even surprise us!


WoW did I ever need to read this…..another good gentle kick in the butt for me!
Thank you for keeping this so simple! Now I just need to do so!


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