daring to go the distance: kundalini yoga, gloria latham + gurmukh


Can you talk about the importance of a personal yoga practice?
Yogi Bhajan said that 90% of insanity comes from our inability to commit. Our inability to commit to a daily yoga/spiritual practice is our only impediment to our growth. If you want to grow and to lead a richer more stress free life, it takes commitment

What makes Kundalini yoga unique?
Kundalini yoga is more of an inward journey because in Kundalini yoga we aren’t as focused on the precision of the postures.
My favourite description of Kundalini yoga is this, “The practice of Kundalini yoga balances the glandular system, strengthens the nervous system and enables us to harness the energy of the mind and the emotions, so we can be in control of ourselves, rather than be controlled by our thoughts and feelings.”

Kundalini yoga is often described as the “fast-track”. Can you talk a bit about your thoughts on this?
Definitely. Kundalini yoga is probably the most accessible form of yoga available to students.
There are no levels. The movements are simple and results are immediate because the practice does not require you to perfect postures to benefit from the practice, and breath work is powerfully emphasized.
This allows us to quickly reach a meditative state of being. They say it takes 10 years of Hatha yoga to achieve what you can achieve in one year of Kundalini practice.

Could you share some personal experiences with Kundalini yoga and how it has impacted your life?
Kundalini Yoga is my life line. There is no way I would be able to juggle all that I do from director of teacher training, to managing 4 studios, to being a mom without this practice.

You’ve been teaching for years. What impact does this yoga have on people who practice it?
Quite simply it changes their lives…..for the better. The practice wakes you up to your life. It is called the yoga of awareness. Once you start really seeing how you make your way through this world,  you can no longer blame everyone else in your life for why things aren’t working out for you.

Gloria’s teacher Gurmukh is coming to Semperviva Yoga Vancouver this weekend. More info here!

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