5 creativity blogs to get your creativity mojo flowing

Everyone–no matter how creative–needs a little stimulation sometimes. A little inspiration. Thankfully, a little inspiration goes a long way. Take 5 minutes to check out one of these uber spark-inducing blogs compiled for you by us here at Libre Retreats, and dive into your creative self. She (or he) is waiting.

1. Idea Sandbox
The basically brilliant blog from the company who “hand-crafts and facilitates Brainstorm and Strategy sessions that allow you to solve problems, grow your business, think-up ideas, and create new, innovative ideas.”

2. Broadcasting Brain
The tagline here is: Different thoughts about thinking differently. Love that! Creator Mark Dykeman has some good thoughts on writing–among other things.

3. Creativity Portal
Don’t let the somewhat messy site design put you off. The content here is stellar, as in Eric Maisel, PhD’s post: Why Does Creating Create so Much Anxiety?

4. I Heart Picture Books
Writer + illustrator Lisa Cinar’s blog about the creative process when it comes to children’s picture books. Not interested in creating kids’ books? We recommend reading it anyway. A lot of her creative processes, or assignments, are plain ol’ brilliant creativity-boosters.

5. Chloe Lan’s blog
Designer and creativity queen Chloe Lan muses about her latest inspirations and work–they’ll inspire you, too, we promise. Don’t believe us? Just click on the home page. If you’re not smiling at the design there–well, maybe you need a nap.

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