yoga teachers are superhuman

“Why are you are here?” she asked, one eyebrow raised in disbelief. “You need to do your own practice, at home.”

Sigh. It had been a bit of an intense week. And my morning practice–usually dedicated to asana, kriyas, chanting and pranayama that work out the kinks in my body and mind–had degenerated into sitting mutely on the mat, trying to figure out what I needed. I’d recently started a new writing gig, picked up a corporate yoga contract, been invited to apply for another writing gig, was organizing two stress buster workshops and taking care of all my other work. My system was full of organizational details I needed to stay on top of. I needed help with my morning practice. 
So with great relief I went to the earliest morning class at my favourite yoga studio. And a lovely lady I adore, a retiree completely in love with yoga and never afraid to speak her thoughts, shook her head and reprimanded me: the yoga teacher shirking her duties, her own morning practice.
Sigh. I just laughed and smiled. But here is what I think we teachers should say:
Yoga teachers are human, too.
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Mar 10, 2009 · Comment

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