Yoga for Busy Working People: How to Fit it In

Asana, pranayama, yamas, niyamas, chanting, meditation: how’s a girl supposed to fit it all in? Trying to get the many sides of yoga into our daily routine can make many of us go mad (almost).

We’re not about to give up our jobs that pay the bills, vital time with our boyfriends, or gift of gab (aka: catching up with girlfriends). So where do we find the time?

I’ve been working almost every day since Christmas, building up a freelance career. In uncertain economic times, I’m not about to say no to the opportunity to strengthen my safety net. Besides,working hard feels good when you love what you do. But it’s definitely eaten into my yoga practice.

Luckily, just the other day, I found a way to bring my practice into my workspace: mantras off the mat. It’s not a new concept, just not one I’d explored at my desk before. There I was, spell-checking over 100 pages, chanting away to Narinjin Kuar Khalsa‘s “Wahe Guru, Wahe Jio.” And it flew by! I sang, I intoned, I got right into it, and the work picked up a rhythm that turned into a flow. I got the full 22 minutes in before I’d even finished the task. Same thing happened on the weekend when I was doing chores. Wanna make toilet cleaning actually feel good? Try singing out to “Wah Yantee.” Honest to goodness. It’ll make you see your scrub brush in a whole new light.

Next up: taking doing dishes to a whole new level of mind-vacationess.

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