Home Practice: Stillness

It was just ridiculous. There were so many things needing attention: the blanket I had wrapped around my knees was bunched all funny, the window wasn’t open, I’d forgotten to light the candle, my bangs were falling in my face, and I’d forgotten to cover up that annoying blinking light on my computer. I was already almost ten minutes into my meditation and I’d hardly even started.

I began to rise to pin back my bangs and cover up the computer light, a scowl drawing to my face. I noticed the frustration rising. I paused, mid-air. I sat back down. I decided to just sit still.

I began to notice the thoughts: “These bangs are going to drive me crazy. That light is sooooo annoying.” I began to take my attention and intention to my breath. I held it there, returning time and again when my thoughts jumped in. I began to realize how unimportant they were. The scowl left my face, following the fading frustration. Ahhhhhhh.

Take-Away Yoga Tip: Off the mat, we can do the same. We can choose to alter our reaction to things, realize that the thought we’re hanging onto is just one of hundreds we can choose from, bring our attention to the present through our breath. Ahhhhh.

Sep 2, 2008 · Comment

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