Home Practice: Just Start

Getting going can be the hardest part. Some mornings, like today, I’ve been up late the night before, man oh man my mind is all over the place, and I’m convinced my body is telling me to go back to bed. “Don’t you think another hour’s sleep would benefit you more than meditation and asana?”

On days like this, I can spend almost a quarter of my allotted morning practice time just sitting on my mat, debating with myself. “Go back to bed; it’s okay.” “Don’t you get off your mat; you know how much better you’ll feel after you do this.” Then I sit and try to plan my flow, “Hey, at least I’m thinking about doing it.”

This morning, from beneath the banter, a powerful idea, which I credit to Danielle of Carrie & Danielle, bubbled up: Just start.

Stop planning. Stop debating. Stop over thinking. Just start.

I began with neck rolls. I moved on, to sufi grinds. Cat-cow. Downward dog. Aaaahh, here it is. My flow.

Take-Away Tip: Off the Mat For every project we want to do, every dream we have, every goal we want to achieve, there comes a point where we simply need to Just Start.

Jul 9, 2008 · Comment (2)

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I’ve found you now in cyberspace … I really like the posts so far. I feel calmer just reading them (which is really rare when I’m in front of a computer).Sigh …


I agree with Tara, I love all your positivity and care. It makes me want to get out there and be me.

Much love xx


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