Home Practice: Flow

Sometimes it feels impossible. Flow. The calming of our mind, the being completely present, the breath that happens when we challenge our bodies just enough.

I find it easier to find flow in a class, as a teacher or a student, partly because we all act as inspiration for each other, partly because at the studio we aren’t distracted by the paraphernalia of our busy at-home lives.

At home, I can struggle to release oh-so-super-important thoughts like: “Oh, I forgot to do the dishes.” “I need to remember to to send that email.” “Oh yeah, I need to call so-and-so.” Sometimes, I think these thoughts are sooooo important.

But some days, like this morning, I manage to not judge my mind for doing it’s job and not judge myself for occasionally attaching to the thought. I use challenging asana–a posture I’m still working on, or one that I hold longer than my mind would like–and my breath to gently guide my awareness back to the present.

Some days, it all comes together and I simply…..flow.

By the way, I was once lucky enough to have a Style Statement session with uber lifestyle revolutionaries Carrie & Danielle. Mine is Tailored Flow, and it’s been a guiding force in my choices. If you want one, I really recommend their book. This goes far beyond what you wear.

Jul 4, 2008 · Comment (2)

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Lindsey! Om Shanti. Love, Danielle


wo;&8#217nt bore you again with the details of what we got up to, as the other lovely ladies have already done that much better than me (not bored you, I’m sure, but blogged about


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