Home Practice: Ease Into Peace

Why Hitting the Mat Makes Everything Better

No exaggeration: when I’m on my mat, everything is better. Concern about deadlines? Beginning to fade. Anguish over a beautiful relationship gone awry? Slowly taking a backseat. And the all important: what to wear to the latest media bash? Gonzo.

Here’s why: practicing asana asks us to become present. In order to breathe yogically and tune into our body, we have to drop out of our head. Our mind’s no longer running the show–and the relief’s akin to taking a deep dip in a cool lake.

So this morning, at the end of my practice, I gave thanks–to myself. For hauling my tired butt out of bed, for planting it on my mat, and staying there even though my mind was hollering that I had other, more important things, to think about. (Thanks for the warnings, oh sensitive one. But really, sometimes you just need to back off and take a break. Isn’t it time for a mini vacation?) An hour of asana reminds me that it’s all okay.

Take-Away Tip: Surprise! This tip is say that even a couple vinyasas is often enough to help us put everything–even wardrobe crises–into perspective.
Oct 23, 2008 · Comment

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