Top 10 Ayur Veda Tips From Vida Wellness Spa Director of Education and Training

Get Your Zzzzs
Go to bed by 10 pm.

Mom said it. Sleep research scientists say it. Apparently it’s taking us humans over 1000 years to get the message. Ayur Veda practitioners and doctors have been saying it since, well, way before Mom and modern science. It’s the oldest health system in the world.

Go to the Spa
And Colleen Fraser, Ayur Veda Practitioner and Registered Massage Therapist said it again: at a–totally informal, fun and friendly, complete with home-crafted tea from The Mystic Masala and Indian sweets–Ayur Veda meet-up.

She also shared some other vital insights into how to stay balanced and healthy.

(Psst. Colleen’s a busy lady. She’s the Director of Education and Training for Vida Wellness Spas, after all. She was fully up front that in our society, doing all of these every day just might not be doable.)

Top 10 Ayur Veda Tips for Being Balanced
1. Daily Abhyanga (self-massage; or by a masseuse)
2. Exercise
3. Practice pranayama and meditation
4. Eat in a calm, serene environment
5. Enhance your digestive processes (eat food that is easily digested, and ingredients that help your body type get the nutrients it needs.)
6. Go to bed around 10 pm
7. Scrape your tongue when you brush your teeth
8. Clean your nasal passages (neti pot)
9. Eat a diet that’s right for your dosha (physiological constitution)
10. Take 1/2 tsp of ghee (clarified butter)

Now if somebody would only tell that 10 pm bedtime to the Lipstick Jungle networks.

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