Healthy, Happy: Do What You Love What You Do

From a seminar on the nervous system, with Ayur Vedic master Dr. Varma, Director of the Pacific Centre for Wholistic Living:

Love is the most healing for our nervous system. Choose something to love. Something in your life you can have passion for. But not your wife or your husband. Don’t depend on that person to open you.”

He went on to add that when we love what we do, we are the most open. In Ayur Vedic terms being open is the key to good health. Cells, organs, mind, heart. When they are open, our innate, vital energy circulates freely, and we are healthy.

Ayur Veda Backgrounder
from the National Centre for Complementary and Alternative Medicine

p.s. Ayur Veda is an ancient, holistic preventative medical health system that focuses on gaining and maintaining optimium health for the entire being (body, mind, spirit). Ayur Vedic doctor’s treat imbalances, often before they turn into diseases or sickness, and consider the whole package–what a patient eats, how they sleep, what they do for work, and how they exercise–when designing health programs.
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