Healthy, Happy (at Work): Top 5 Take-Away Tips

1. One project at a time
Yoga teaches us to stay present to stay calm. Translation: little bit here, little bit there, little bit all over the place? Scratch that. If we can do it, we’ll stay saner if we start and finish one project, or at least a specific part of it, before moving on to the next. No more feeling fractured, worrying about losing the pieces.

2. Emails once every half hour
Same idea here: pick a task and stick with it. If we’re constantly checking emails, we’re constantly starting and stopping something, adding to the mind mess as we try to keep track of it all at once.

3. Pause and re-collect
What freaks you out? Makes your heart beat faster, breath become shorter? Before answering the phone, walking into your bosses office, entering a meeting–whatever makes you wanna turn and run the other way…pause…breathe deeply…exhaaaaaale…re-collect yourself. Start it from a calm place.

4. Sit up tall
Thanks mom! Our mothers were on it. When we lift the crown of our heads to the sky (that’s the flattish part on top of your head, near the back) our shoulders drop, our chests lift, and our spine lengthens. Results: less neck and shoulder pain; less headaches; more room to breathe deeply.

5. On that note: Breathe deep!
Do this all day long. You can breathe deep no matter what you’re doing. Breathe deep into your belly (this might sound crazy, but unbutton your pants if you can). The deeper we breathe, the more we relax. The more we relax, the more we can focus. The more we can focus, the more we get done–and the better the results are.

Sep 26, 2008 · Comment

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