Happiness at Work

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Happy Employees

Happy employees boost profits, productivity, sales and innovation.
They lower turnover, have less accidents, sick leave, and burnouts.

Depression in the workplace is growing. A recent study released by the Conference Board of Canada reports that: “A depressive episode, especially major depression, is one of the strongest risk factors for presenteeism in the workplace.” In other words, depressed employees are there–but not really. They’re not productive.

7 Keystones of Happiness

The 7 Keystones of Happiness at Work change that. They boost employee happiness, which in turn boosts profits, productivity, sales and innovation.

1. Develop the positive mind.
2. Strengthen your stress buster.
3. Enter the ‘Yes, I can’ zone.
4. Build community.
5. Know your strengths.
6. Boost your concentration.
7. Bounce back.

The 8 Keystones of Happiness at Work are about taking preventative action.
So your employees get happy, and stay that way.

Hello, productivity.

Goodbye turnover, sick leave and burnout.

Stats on Happy people at work.

These are stats compiled by the Delivering Happiness at Work consulting firm, started by the CEO of the ridiculously successful shoe company Zappos.
33% higher profitability (Gallup)
43% more productivity (Hay Group)
37% higher sales (Shawn Achor)
300% more innovation (HBR)
51% lower turnover (Gallup)
50% less safety incidents (Babcock Marine Clyde)
66% decrease in sick leave (Forbes)
125% less burnout (HBR)

Let’s put it this way, courtesy Gretchen Rubin’s book The Happiness Project:

“Contemporary research shows that happy people are more altruistic, more productive, more helpful, more likable, more creative, more resilient, more interested in others, friendlier, and healthier. Happy people make better friends, colleagues, and citizens.”

151 attendees so far

I’ve been invited to teach and speak at Simon Fraser University, the University of British Columbia, SAP Labs Canada, in the Council Chambers at the City of Coquitlam, and more.

1656 people from all over the globe

have participated in my online programs including: the 30-Day Happiness Challenges, the Shoot the Moon video series, and Business Brilliance: Where Success Meets Soul.

What People Are Saying

‘You’re a true teacher…You’re devoted, engaged in listening–really listening, and grounded in your own experience.’ – Danielle LaPorte, creator of The Fire Starter Sessions, Desire Map and more.

‘I kept a lot in my mind like “tools” to find my happiness. My anxiety has been better and don’t have it that often any longer. It helped me. Weird that some emails really can do that!’ ~ Emma Andersson, Sweden

‘Wow. So I start getting these daily inspirationals and I just love them. I have shared your e-mails with everyone I know Lindsey. They are honest and uplifting. When I didn’t have them any more I truly felt that I was missing something.’ ~ Lisa Wise, Texas

‘Being a happiness junkie myself, I loved the idea of Lindsey’s 30-Day Happiness Challenge. The approach is simple, no non-sense and fun.’ ~ Michaella O’Connor, Vancouver

Let’s get happy

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