Bilodeau’s Olympic gold, snow, yoga [video]: same same

We dreaded them. We raved about them. We left the city. We raced to watch the flag go by. Whatever our reaction, everybody in Vancouver had their opinion on the Olympic Games.

It made me think of last winter, when the big snow storm hit. And all the papers reported on the traffic snarls, the mucky slop people had to trudge through on their way to work, and the complications with the Skytrain. But some people loved it. Some people raved about the beauty of it, the peace of it, the simplicity of the clean white blanketing the city. Whatever their reaction, everybody in Vancouver had an opinion on the snow.

Here’s what I love about mega events, whether conducted by mother nature, or high-paid officials. They get people together. Lots of people. Suddenly, next-door frenemies are chatting away like BFFs: “Didja hear Bilodeau won gold?” or “What kind of shovel you got?”

Suddenly, people are inviting random strangers into their homes to celebrate. Or rushing out to stop a car from sliding down an icy street.

Olympics. Snow-storms. Yoga. Yay for unity. Yay for bringing people together.

trevor hall: unity over reason
snow in the city, smiles in the city

Feb 17, 2010 · Comment

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