Dream it and Do it 5-Step Map

1. Dream big

What is it that you really want to do—that would bring you greater and more fulfilling happiness? Spend 5 minutes daydreaming about it. You don’t need to know exactly how it will happen right now; take the first step, even if you can’t see the whole staircase.

Did you know? What we focus our attention on is what begins to grow in our life—so don’t focus on why it might not happen; focus on all the reasons it will.

2. Chart your course

Begin at the end. Write down your happiness-boosting goal and then work backwards—what would have come right before you’d achieved that goal? Keep moving backwards until you’ve back-tracked to an action item that’s so small that taking the first step feels incredibly easy.

E.g. ‘Set aside 10 minutes to make a list of other people who’ve done this that I can ask for insight from.’

Did you know? You can turtle-step your way anywhere; even big leaps can be taken using tiny little steps.

3. Anchor your compass

When you envision your end goal, how does it feel? Close your eyes and walk around in your dream. Make a list of adjectives to describe how you’ll feel once you’ve achieved this goal. You’ve just created a feeling-state compass that will guide you towards your goal.

Did you know? The non-verbal part of our brain processes between 8 to 11 million bits of information per second vs. the 40 bits of information per second the verbal part of our brain processes—so when we want to make choices based on the most information, getting guidance from what we feel vs. think is the more sophisticated, trustworthy way to go.

4. Take inspired action

Now that you’ve anchored your feeling-state compass, you get to use it to guide you towards your dream. Take a look at the course you charted and do the first small step that brings you the greatest sense of that anchored feeling-state.

Did you know? Each joy-filled activity can be stepping stones that lead you to your dream and strengthen your wings.

5. Tell someone

Think of someone who always supports you and champions your achievements and dreams. Tell them that you’ve started down the path towards this new happiness-boosting goal. You can do it in person or via email or social media.

Did you know? Telling someone you’re going to do something dramatically boosts the chances you’ll actually do it.

You’re on Your Way

Much love and all the best as you chart your course to the stars!

I’d love to hear how it’s going for you.

Feel welcome to email me at lindsey@imlindseylewis.com.