you’re not who they think you are

Have you ever had one of those days?

You know–one of those days–where everything feels off and everybody seems critical and nothing seems to be working?

Nobody’s emailed you back, your texts go unanswered, and each time you reach out to someone the response is negative. And then it starts to rain–a torrential downpour. And you’ve forgotten your umbrella. Everything sucks. People suck. You suck.

And yet…

Tomorrow, you see that nobody’s emailed you back and simply move on to the next great thing. Your texts go unanswered and in the silence you find inspiration and a creative surge. Each time you reach out to someone the response is negative and you begin to see another direction you’re being guided towards. And then it starts to rain–a torrential downpour–and you go out without your umbrella with your gumboots on, to splash in the puddles. Everything’s in motion, everything is still, everything is peace.

Because you’re not who other people think you are.

You’re not what you imagine other people think of you. You’re who you know you are. At your core. Your deepest self. Your essential self. You’re who you are. And no matter what anyone else thinks of you, or what you imagine they do–you remain.

You remain you.

But how? How do we go beyond getting caught in the waves, and instead live from the depths of our ocean–where everything is bigger and more powerful and less turbulent?

Let’s not forget.

Let’s do something each day to remind us of who we really are–at our core. Let’s get up in the morning and then sit down to meditate, or go for a mindful walk, or breathe in the air in the park between the circle of trees. Let’s set intentions at the beginning of our day, and the beginning of each new thing we do that honor our strength and inner knowing. Let’s walk and stand tall, our spine lifting us up and carrying us through, energized and strong.

And let’s be aware of our thoughts. Let’s notice the ones that come up that don’t serve us, that imagine other people are thinking badly, or project us into an unmanageable future where everything’s gone wrong. Let’s move with an awareness of our breath, and inhale into our belly.

Let’s keep coming back to center. Draw the awareness into ourselves, stop anticipating–and start receiving.

Let’s live from a place of love, instead of fear.

Much love,


And if all else fails, let’s watch this clip from the Lion King:

Oct 30, 2012 · Comment

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