On Using Your Intuition in Your Business and Your Life

Tropical horizon abstract backgroundEver feel like you just want to slow down and let someone else take over? Read on.

Here’s the truth.

Yesterday as I was thinking of sending out a message to all of you, I got all plan’ey and master-mind’ey and ‘make things happen’ey. It’s an easy place for me to be. I’ve been a long-term planner ever since going to a high school where none of our year was mapped out for us–no mid-terms, no final exams, no deadlines for assignments. We created that our self, set our own deadlines and learning schedule, and then were in charge of making sure it happened.

So…old yang habits die hard.

Allowing for serendipity.

The idea of allowing for serendipity, that there may be something even better available if I surrendered to letting myself be guided, instead of only making my own plans take shape? That was a completely foreign concept.

And, it’s one I STILL need to remind myself of.

The truth is that yesterday I had on my to-do list to create a plan for August, and then into September, and beyond, into January.

I didn’t get to it, and I felt rushed, behind, and stressed.

When making a plan isn’t the plan

Today I said to myself, “Today, I will make my plan.”

But something else was destined to happen.

Because when I tuned in to get my Higher Self on board and have her guidance and insight into this master planning process what I got was this:

“Be patient.”
“Spend more time working less.”

And an image of me in a canoe, laying on my back, being carried.

When I said, “Yeah, but what about September? And then the months leading up to January?” my Higher Self said “Do September in September. This is about August.”

Right and true

There’s a way that I feel in my body when something is very right and true–you can feel your own right and true in your body, too–and I felt it in response to this messaging. It doesn’t make sense. It’s counter to what we are continually presented with as the way to succeed, the way to achieve your dreams, the way to make it all happen.

And, I remember.

I remember time after time when I have surrendered to this great loving source of wisdom. And what has happened when I have.

The things I’ve wanted most have always come from taking this approach.

The approach of trust, of attunement, and openness to serendipity.

A letter of loving

So, this is a letter of loving–to you and your Higher Self. May you be willing to step back, allow, and be carried.

With love, and light ahead,


Aug 4, 2016 · Comment

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