life coaching secrets: my top 5

I get so many people asking me if I can share with them just a few little tips and tidbits from my life coaching practice. “Lindsey, can you just give me some of your biggest and best life coaching tips?” “I just need a few insights to keep me going.” “Can you tell me what you’d say about this situation?”

In honor of all those people, and the rest who don’t ask but want to, I’m sharing my top five life coaching secrets.

Top 5 Life Coaching Secrets

1. You have the answers.

The way I coach is all about helping my clients tap into their own internal guidance system. We spend a chunk of time on-boarding this system in the first few sessions. But the key take-away is this: The answers are inside you. I help you draw them out, find your truth, and courageously chart your path towards your unique and deep happiness. So cultivate trust–in yourself.

2. The roadblocks come from inside.

Once you start walking down your path towards your unique and deep happiness and the life you are meant to live, the roadblocks that pop up to block you are most often connected to the ones inside you. Here’s what I mean: You might have this incredible idea that, once in action, would not only boost your happiness but also your income and your freedom. But you can’t take the plunge to do it…because you don’t want to rock the boat for the people around you. At first glance it looks like the block is the people around you–but when we get deeper into it, the truth is that the block is inside you: You’re afraid of how you imagine other people would react. The great thing about this understanding is that once you see it, you’re no longer the victim of your circumstance–you can overcome your own inner blocks and find your way past the ones that pop up in your external life. Question the thoughts that tell you “If I do this, everyone will think/react negatively this way…” Really? Can you absolutely know that’s true?

3. Anxiety and stress can be good for you.

I get a lot of people coming to me because of their experiences with anxiety and stress. And time after time they eventually admit one common truth: they don’t feel they’re living their purpose; they feel there’s more they can do and be in the world. And once they start to take steps towards what and who they are meant to be–the anxiety and stress start to fade. They pop back up again–as a red flag warning–if they slip back into walking away from the life they’re here for.

4. Truth always feels good.

No matter how touchy a subject, going in deep to get to the core of it always feels good in the end. It’s the resistance to truth that’s painful. We feel physical tension, get cranky and touchy, and push people away–all to prevent ourselves from feeling or speaking the truth. But letting go of the resistance always leads to relief. And feeling the emotions that come up is often less intense than we imagine it’ll be: most emotions, if we really let ’em come over us, last on average 90 seconds.

5. You’re more powerful than you recognize.

We sit and look around us, waiting for somebody else–a boss, a parent, a friend, or a connection–to deliver what we dream of. And it’s that core belief, that our happiness and fulfillment rests in the hands of someone else, that prevents us from getting it. As soon as we start to recognize our own inner power our external world shifts, and the happiness and fulfillment arise from deep inside.

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