It Only Happens Twice a Year. Apply for 2.5 hours of coaching with me

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This opportunity comes only 2x per year.

Late in the year, say around November, I start to think about the year that’s passed. I take a step back and up and look at things from a higher perspective.

Did I do what I say I wanted to?
Am I where I wanted to be?

And, most of all, when I look ahead to the upcoming year, will I be happy if it’s just like the one I had?

Last year, the answer to those questions was ‘no’. When I looked ahead and imagined another year like the one I had, I didn’t want to create another one just like it.

So, I didn’t.

Stepping Up

Instead, I stepped up, upped my game, brought every ounce of awareness, courage and strength to the table, and created something different for myself. Now, I earn more money. Have more down-time. Am fulfilling my creative side in ways I never imagined–watch for my forthcoming book From Darkness to Light. And, I’m more at peace.

Plus, life keeps presenting me with more ways to grow–as a person and in my business. I just completed a coaching program proposal for some of the leaders at a multi-national firm with offices in Canada.

$3,000 Clients + The Royal Family

And it’s rippling out to my clients, too. The more I grow, the more I can share with them. One of my newer clients signed her first $3,000 client. Another of my clients moved from California to Qatar and started working for the royal family. And yet another of my clients is working on his first album–and living his dream of playing music for money.

Big things can happen fast if you put your mind and heart (and action) to it.

Welcome Life

That’s why every January, I welcome a brand new cohort of coaching clients.

We work on big dreams, handling the challenges, and strategizing for the upcoming months AND the future.

If you’d like to work with me and have a $3,000, $8,000–or higher–month, get yourself more downtime, actually create your creative projects, and feel more peace, I invite you to apply for a conversation with me below.

Welcome Yourself

This time with me will be complimentary. Please take to heart that I only work with people who are as committed to their success and dreams as I am. That’s why the application process is in place and I limit the number of people I work with at one time to 8-10. It’s not there as some marketing gimmick or to create a false sense of urgency. I’m 100 percent in my dedication to my people and I only take on people who are as dedicated as I am.

Big things can happen when people sit with me. During this coaching conversation, we’ll get into your opportunities, your dreams, your challenges. If something isn’t working for you in your life, we’ll go for it. Note that this call will be 2.5 hours, so if you’d like to do it you’ll need to set aside that much time.

And sometimes, 2.5 hours with me is all you need. Spots are limited and I’ll be getting in touch with people on a first-come, first-served basis.

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