how your clarity can create your reality

Let’s start this off the right way: How do you want to feel? When we sit down to dream about what we want to see happen or create in our lives, many of us come up with a list that looks something like this:

– Significant other like this…

– Home like this…

– Car like this…

– Friends like this…

And the thing is, that when I talk with clients about why these things are important to them, what it ALWAYS comes down to is this: “When I have these things, I’ll feel like this…”

Here’s an example:

A client really wanted a Volkswagon Jetta. When I asked her why, her first response was, “Well, I just like them.” But as we moved deeper we got down to the truth: driving a Volkswagon Jetta would help her feel funky yet preppy, like she had her life and career under control, but was still a little bit free-spirited. And that felt like strong muscles, deep breath, a tall spine and a confident smile.

I’d like to propose something different. Let’s do it in reverse. Start at the end. After you get all that stuff, how will you feel? Get right into it, sit with the dream, walk around in it. Really envision it. What do you see, hear, touch, smell, taste?

Move that awareness into your physical body. How are you feeling? Grab a pen and paper and write it all down. Then name it. What can you call this group of physical sensations to help you remember how you felt and feel that way again?

My client’s title for her way of feeling? Confident and happy.

Now you’ve got a solid starting place. Because your plans will change, things will come up, and the universe is going to throw you curve balls.

“Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans.” John Lennon

When the significant other doesn’t pan out quite as planned, the house doesn’t arrive, and the car doesn’t come…with the clarity of this feeling-state starting place, you’re always able to get back on track. You might meet someone who’s nothing like who you thought you were looking for–but they give you that feeling. Or you might see a living space nothing like what you had in mind originally, but it resonates in a big way. On and on it goes…

And the great thing is, this new track will be much more in alignment with who you really are and know you can be–not based on what you think society or the outside world wants you to do or have. And when you operate in alignment with who you really are and know you can be you begin to live your dharma, fulfill your purpose for being on this planet, and access your deep and unique happiness.

Much love,


Oct 17, 2012 · Comment

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