life coaching prices going up Saturday, November 24

Hey freedom-seekers and

liberated living lovers…

My life coaching prices are going up on Saturday, November 24.

If you’ve been thinking and wondering about getting coaching with me and want to get in on my old pricing–and save 30%–this is your heads up. To book your free session, so we can see if we click, click here.

For those of you who are current clients, don’t worry, your pricing remains the same.

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What People Are Saying

“Lindsey Lewis is one of the most honestly compassionate, one of the most sensitive, one of the most curiously inspiring beings I’ve ever had the pleasure of knowing. My invisible antennae have never been particularly tuned to the rippling waves of people’s vibrations, but they go haywire in the presence of her radioactive SOMETHING. She has somehow figured it out: Where to find grace and joy in a chaotic universe. Listen to this little one, because I tell you now she’s the real deal.” – Thom Stitt, artist, movie-maker,

“Not only is Lindsey a joy to be around but she is wise beyond her years. Lindsey has a presence which uplifts, inspires and heals because she truly lives with authenticity, an infectious love for life, and a desire to be of service. She will bring out the best in you—because that is what she sees.” – Carol Goulette, Semperviva Yoga

“It’s not everyday you get someone to listen to you moan, give you practical advice, agree with your right to feel that way and help you see all the other perspectives…oh and laugh with you, like wet yourself laughing. Lindsey had me mapping out my perfect day, using my body–not my mind–as a gauge to make decisive decisions and affirming the bejesus out of my right to build the life that looked right to me. To say that this was a heady kind of high is an understatement!” Parisa Eithne Roohipour

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