The Breakthrough Sessions

lindsey lewis

The Breakthrough Sessions

a 5-hour workshop for people are ready for more

Participants will be able to:
– identify what is holding you back from wealth consciousness, authentic success and intuitive action
– integrate wealth consciousness and intuition
– create a detailed map for getting to your own best version of success
– begin to earn more money
– follow a step-by-step map to get to your own best version of success
– specify what your intuitive self is telling you

What People Are Saying

“The workshop with Lindsey reaffirmed my desire to follow the deep sensation within. It introduced me to a tool that helps simplify an intuitive process that’s otherwise very hard to explain in words. Lindsey gracefully unravels the monetary aspect of human experience and helps root it in honesty and surrender. You simply can’t help being helped by what Lindsey has to share.” Niki Ragbotra, Vancouver

“Working with Lindsey is a lot like talking with an old friend. Even though we are really digging deep, she has a way about her that doesn’t make it feel like such hard work. I’ve been able to look at my ideas around money and abundance and acknowledge what is no longer working for me. From there Lindsey has helped me to break down an action plan that actually feels doable. I took away a feeling of knowing exactly what the next step is.” Eliza Loovis, RAS Farms, Denver

One of the most invaluable opportunities I’ve had, to help better understand myself and action steps moving forward towards achieving authentic success. An experience for which I’m truly grateful!” Danielle Perron, Toronto

“That kind of positive energy is catching! Tapping into the intuitive “essential self” changed my thinking and more work has followed.” — Kathleen Eccles, On Cue Communications, Vancouver Island

“Lindsey reminded me in a big way of the power of intuitive action and how important it is in my life. Over the past little while I’ve caught myself when I’m stuck in thoughts of overwhelm, fear or doubt and have been able to hear Lindsey’s voice asking ‘What would truth say?’ It almost instantly brings me out of the negative thinking and puts me into a place of expansion and even excitement.” — Christine Obee,, North Vancouver

“Before I met with Lindsey, I was aware of an inner block to success in business. After our meeting, I was clear about what the block was and how it was getting in the way of charging what I’m worth, making more money, creating inspiring clients and owning the impact of my work. I left knowing where I need to focus and how to move forward. I’m still digesting everything I gained from our session. I’m so glad I trusted my intuition and met with Lindsey!” ~ Alanna Gillis,, Squamish

The Breakthrough Sessions Host

You are invaluable. You are the radiant heart. The loving embrace.

You are someone who brings the light to the room, whether you know it or not.

We are so lucky you are here.

As the Breakthrough Session host, you receive the workshop for free. And receive 10% of the registration fees. You’ll be asked to set an intention before the session, to walk through your space and envision a love-fueled, transformational time. And welcome people with a smile. Your role is vital, and I’m not offering this to everyone–only people who are a good fit.

The Breakdown

10% of 8 registrants = $320

Is this For You?

If you’re receiving this from someone who loves you, we don’t know yet. Lindsey connects personally with each person who wants to host The Breakthrough Sessions. Email her here to set up a time to talk and let her know who referred you.

If you’re receiving this from Lindsey, check in:
– Do you want to uplift others?
– Do you want to help people live out lives that fuel their soul?
– Do you love what happens when a group of people come together to ignite something greater?
– Are you willing to only invite people who you feel will be served by this?

Are those questions you can answer ‘yes’ to?

If they are, email Lindsey here.

Who The Breakthrough Sessions are For

Someone who:

~ Wishes things were different—internally or externally.
~ Would like more money, more freedom to be who they want to be and still be successful.
~ Wants to learn how to take intuitive action, and make a map on how to get from where they are today to where they want to be.

For example:

~ Conscious, spiritually-oriented men and women who want to develop wealth-consciousness, design success on their own terms, and live guided by their intuition.

Who this is not for:

Anyone who knows exactly how to get more of what they want more of.
Anyone who is already exactly where they want to be and would not change a thing.