yoga for pain relief

Did you know chronic pain is often, a lot of the time, not even related to anything causing actual physical pain? I didn’t.

Here’s what else I didn’t know, but Kelly McGonigal, (Ph.D.–don’tchaknow–and RYT), author of Yoga for Pain Relief does:
– chronic pain is a learned, overprotective body-mind response
– the mind and body amplify your present pain, in a misguided attempt to protect you from future threats
– your nervous system begins to stand on guard, extra sensitive to even the tinsiest bit of pain
– neuroplasticity–our nervous system’s ability to learn in response to experience–makes any response we practice more likely
– SO, drum rolls please, practicing a different, non-ouch, response, means we can actually feel less pain (I think)

Kelly’s book is a must-read. Read it and share the tips with people in your classes, your mom, your grandma, your BFF. Get it, keep it, lend it out.


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