what does being free mean to you? honesty and confidence

kajsa designs on libre living with lindsey lewis

What does being free mean to you?

Ultimately I guess being free is feeling truly ‘whole’. A place of honestly and confidently being exactly who you are. In turn, releasing the desire or thought that you can help others achieve the same or anything else in particular in their lives–just as no one else is responsible for changing or fixing my life, choices, situations etc.

We are each responsible for and accountable for only our own lives, actions, and choices and not others’ (unless they are our children and then up to young adulthood…then they’re on their own too).

But for me the feeling of ‘free’ is at its height when I’m traveling, or experiencing some amazing nature, views, landscapes, or hikes. I guess it removes all the other ‘crap’ of daily life and stressful possibly self-doubting or second-guessing script which normally plays in our heads and lets us just be us…amongst nature or strangers who don’t judge or acknowledge because first off they don’t know you, and secondly they’re busy being themselves. And nature is busy growing, creating, surviving and being ‘a rock.’

Kajsa, jewellery designer, artist

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