September, 2016

behind the scenes is another story. what really happened on that call

Behind The Scenes Behind the scenes is another story. You know what I love? Telling people what really goes on. Cos’ I like people to know that I don’t have it all figured out. Also, it makes me feel a bit like I’m running my own reality show. And I always wanted to be on…

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how to become abundant

What I was Noticing I recently shared a story about something powerful that happened for me when I first started looking at money. It might serve you for me to share it here. I kept on noticing the number 108 everywhere. I’ve found it kind of fun to notice numbers and then look them up…

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marriage advice. because…I’m an expert?

Marriage Advice When one of my best friends asked for a video submission for her wedding from me and Matt clearly the obvious choice, since we’ve been married a whole three years, was marriage advice. We are NOT experts in this arena. AND, today is our anniversary. Happy 3 years, handsome!

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It Only Happens Twice A Year. 2.5 Hours of Coaching With Me

This opportunity comes only 2x per year. When fall arrives, I start to think about what’s ahead. I take a step back and up and look at things from a higher perspective. What am I aiming at? If anything was possible, what would I create in my life and my work? My Meltdown At the…

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