August, 2015

money love. 5 steps to loving money and have it love you back

Money Love Lately I’ve been talking to a lot of people about money. It’s a funny thing, this money thing. It gets us all worked up–no matter how much of it we have. And a lot of us are carrying shame around money. No matter how much of it we have. Money Shame We’re ashamed…

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Q+A: What if I Don’t Want What Everyone Else Does? [video]

Today’s question is: What if I don’t want what everyone else wants? If you’re outside the box, leaning into a life beyond what everyone else wants, this one is for you. Watch for the part about what you’ll need to do to get what you really want. Receiving this straight to your inbox? Click here…

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How to Take Intuitive Action

In this post I’m sharing the two keys to intuitive action. There’s a magic, a mysticism, a way of living where the unexpectedly delightful happens. Where we exist in a state of flow, of ease. Of grace. And it happens when we take intuitive action. When we begin to test out the truth that there…

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