March, 2015

three things you need to know when you want to trust the universe

You know those moments when you feel like you’re working really hard and nothing’s happening? Those moments where the thing–you know, the thing you’ve been calling for, and has been calling you–just isn’t happening? And you keep hearing that you just gotta trust the universe, trust that it will all turn out, that the money…

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5 things people who succeed know to be true

Dreamers and Doers I talk with a lot of people who feel called. Not just dreamers, these are people who cannot imagine continuing on without listening to that something that is driving them and pulling them in another direction. Are you one of these people? Do you ever feel like the calling is too hard,…

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What to do When You Just Can’t Accept Yourself {guest post}

Have you ever gotten caught up in believing that you just need to accept something about yourself or your experience that doesn’t feel right? Probably. Doesn’t everyone in the world of wellness and spirituality teach us to practice acceptance? Well, if you’ve struggled with practicing the art of acceptance, then this article is for you….

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