November, 2014

Q+A: if this is what I’m meant to be doing, shouldn’t it be easier?

It’s a scary thought: If this is what I’m meant to be doing, shouldn’t it be easier? This is a question an impassioned, courageous, and a little bit scared young woman asked me recently. I’d just spoken at an event, where my main message to the audience was this: “If ever you feel like you’re…

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tell your story. set yourself free. “I knew that my soul knew how to keep going, even in the darkest of dark.”

Running fingers through long grass as it waves gently in the wind, feeling the breeze rustle in long hair, the scent of dew as it covers the earth, and cool, clean air floating on the breeze. Barefoot and running in the grass connecting with the energy of the earth, walking in the quiet company of…

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how to key into abundance by doing less

My latest class for the Entheos Academy for Optimal Living is up! Check out How to Key Into Abundance by Doing Less Here’s a taster of what’s included: To really receive abundance, we need to first be able to recognize it. I know so many people who are blind to the abundance in their life,…

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we create our life in every moment

The Power of Presence 21-Day Mindfulness Challenge has launched. Create your life in every moment. Go from reaction to creation, choosing from limited options to creating what’s ideal, and arrive in a state of powerful presence. Starts Nov. 7. Early bird ends tomorrow. Time is limited. Click for more info and registration. Let’s rise.

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