September, 2014

1.5 minutes of love + uplift. for you

“It’s about choosing love over fear, working with our mind and our thoughts so that they serve instead of undermine us, and receiving the miracles that happen when we live in this way.” xoL

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meltdowns, and other gifts from the universe

In the moment of meltdown, there’s always truth emerging. In the instant we decide that we just can’t keep going on this way anymore, the way opens. When we’re spiraling and spinning out of control, the moment we let go is the moment we begin to fly. I had this moment not so long ago….

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throw-back thursday: me, 14 years old, photographed in nothing but a cardigan and nylons

That Time I Was a Model–for a Moment The last time our crew of newly recruited models had gathered in the warmth of the brick-walled room tucked away in a converted warehouse we’d been following our agent Giles up and down a hallway, prancing and swaying our hips to Right Said Fred’s song ‘I’m too…

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#invitationals: rest

You’re invited. To an uplifted life! Join us for the weekly #invitationals–every Monday. Sign up here. An intention, a reminder, an inspiration for the week ahead. Beginnings are sacred. Seeds carry the source of everything that comes next. How are you starting your week? xoL

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chosen by a stallion. how to activate the power of presence

I could never possibly go for him. He’s too gorgeous, too tall, too dark and handsome. That’s what I was thinking. Even though the facilitator told us to choose the horse that we felt first drawn to, the one we noticed when we first arrived. Good gawd he was a gorgeous horse. A great big…

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