May, 2014

celebrating Maya Angelou: I Rise

Still I Rise by Maya Angelou You may write me down in history With your bitter, twisted lies, You may trod me in the very dirt But still, like dust, I’ll rise. Does my sassiness upset you? Why are you beset with gloom? ‘Cause I walk like I’ve got oil wells Pumping in my living…

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Your Irresistible Life. Win this book! + the Enlighten Me candle

Featured Friend Wednesday Giveaway Do you want help with what to eat, how to map out your day, and information on how to do it all in a way that boosts your health and happiness? Ayur Veda works. This health system changed my life. I swear by it. And my friends Madhuri and Glynnis have…

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tell your story. set yourself free.

This is about how telling our story can set us free, and I’m going first: let me tell you about when I was in a relationship with a violent, anguished man who I felt I couldn’t leave. The picture is from that time. The LibreFree Project is getting a re-vamp. More and more I’m seeing…

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clearing other people’s energy from your body in 5 minutes

Are you sensitive to what other people are feeling? Me too. I have a habit of being like a sponge–not just aware of, but actually absorbing what’s happening in other people’s bodies and emotions. It works great for life coaching and yoga. But it’s not so great when I can’t clear it afterwards. This exercise…

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to my mom on mother’s day. the story of when I lost my job, my boyfriend and my apartment

Propped up on the railing of the deck with the rest of her reclined in a lounge chair, my mom’s feet and mine were the only thing between us and the never-ending ocean. We’d been that way for hours—just watching. “I’m going to sit here until I see a whale,” she said, and sipped her…

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what does being free mean to you? walking to the rhythm of my own heartbeat

What does being free mean to you? ‘Being free is living fully alive, having the courage to be present to and open to the abundance life has to offer to me: its pain and wonder, its deepest longings and all its greatest joys. Being free is walking in this world to the rhythm of my…

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the power of a personal practice

You’ve got talents. You’ve got techniques. You’ve got powers that can border on magical. It’s innate in you. It’s innate in everyone. This is about the how, the why, and what happens when we begin to live as the truth of who we are. And my personal story with how it shows up in my…

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what does being free mean to you? accepting and loving myself

What does being free mean to you? ‘Being free means being able to accept and love myself so that I can extend the same to others.’ Anna, yoga teacher and change agent, Curvy Yoga. The LibreFree Project. Featuring dancers, artists, writers, designers, teachers. Lawyers. Philanthropists. Dreamers and doers. People who inspire us to live free….

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