February, 2014

featured friend friday giveaway: belmondo skincare

There are people whose loveliness anchors the room Daniela Belmondo is one of those people. And her skincare line will anchor yours. 3 Words that Define Daniela down-to-earth, simplicity, adventurous Win it The Belmondo Travel Kit. How to Enter 1. Enter your info here–so we can contact and send you the prize if you win….

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what does being free mean to you? boundaries dissolve

What does being free mean to you? ‘Free’ is an expression of receptivity where one has broken away from biases and boundaries. As boundaries dissolve, one is inspired to explore inherent joys and truths. Free is being confident and truly comfortable in one’s self while remaining grounded through humility. Being free is what gives the…

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30 Day Happiness Challenge. Join 535 participants March 1.

Happiness Pure and Simple. I’m very stoked about our newest challenge. 30 Days One challenge per day arrives via email: Exercises, gratitudes, intentions, activities. All to boost your happiness. Let’s get happy Join 535+ participants in the 30-Day Happiness Challenges. From all over the world: Vancouver, Calgary, Fort McMurray, Ohio, Orlando, Houston, Toronto, Panama City,…

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what would be perfect for you? 4 steps to creating it

What would be perfect for you? Have you dreamed it? When you daydream or imagine a life different than the one you’re living now…what do you see? Seeking The most common way we go about getting what we want is looking at what’s available. We begin with searching–online or in-person. We ask for help and…

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let’s get happy. 10 ways to boost your happiness

10 Ways to Boost Your Happiness Happiness boosters. Load it on… 1. Stay here. The pure and simple thing about happiness is that it’s here and now. We get caught up by our mind in remembering the past and imagining the future. We miss the moment we’re living in. 2. Get immersed. Multi-tasking gets talked…

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what does being free mean to you? The LibreFree Project

What does being free mean to you? ‘Life. All of it should be free.’ Rae, dancer. Introducing the LibreFree Project. Featuring dancers, artists, writers, designers, teachers. Lawyers. Philanthropists. Dreamers and doers. People who inspire us. It’s the way they live, the way they show up in the world, and who they are. Nominate Someone to…

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how to stop looking for love, and find it

Looking for Love One of my mentors once said to me, “Lindsey, I wish you would stop looking for love.” He brought it up because I’d arrived to meet with him with heartache on my mind. I felt alone and empty. Carried a big aching void in my heart. He asked me to hold out…

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how to stop self-sabotaging

Getting in your own way? Read on for how to stop self-sabotaging. People Like Us Ellen says she doesn’t understand why she procrastinates so much. She’s always putting things off even though she knows she needs to do them. Mary finds that she’s a total rock star when it comes to organizing big group get…

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Elevate Every Moment: The first Shoot the Moon video series is here

Launch! The first Shoot the Moon video series for Udemy.com has officially launched. {Happy dance. Happy dance.} Preview it here. Sign up for free here. It’s $10 free until Friday, February 7. You’ll get your personal code to access it for free once you sign up. Like the moon pulls the ocean tides… you feel…

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5 top finds online

1. NYT on how inactivity changes the brain {health} 2. Kid President's Letter to a Person on their first day here {cute} 3. American Authors – Best Day of My Life {music} 4. How talking about stress can lessen it {health} 5. Autumn Dreamscape {photography} Once a month, these arrive straight to the inbox of…

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