December, 2013

5 steps to ring in the new year and ignite your dreams

This is about inviting in what you dream of, getting clear on what you’d like to let go of, and literally igniting the transformation that enables it to happen. Igniting Transformation Each year on winter solstice we trek down to the ocean. Through snow, or sleet, rain or crystal clear sky, we make our way…

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10 Ways to Make Space for a New Beginning

We have the chance to renew ourselves in every moment. Each inhale is a new beginning. And every exhale a release of the old. Here are 10 limiting things to let go of, so you can make space for good things for New Year’s. 1.Regret. Wishing we had or hadn’t done something a certain way…

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brave dance. facing fears. finding flight. [video]

I am not a dancer. This is about being brave. Let’s lift eachother up If this resonates with you, please feel welcome to share it. Let’s lift each other up. xL

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tomorrow: revealing my giant leap. growing wings

A while back I posted this on Facebook: Tomorrow, I get to show you what it is. I’m stoked. And still nervous as hell. And doing it anyway. xoL

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Design Your Dream Year

Libre Living 30-Day Happiness Challenges We’ve joined up with 526 participants so far in the Libre Living 30-Day Happiness Challenges. The movement is global Vancouver, Calgary, Fort McMurray, Ohio, Orlando, Houston, Toronto, Panama City, Denver, Australia, South America, Europe and New York. Design Your Dream Year January 1-30, 2014 Daily exercises and practices to help…

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what the air and the ocean can teach us about ourselves, and our life

This is about meeting fears. It’s about seeing how one thing reflects every thing, and what the air and the ocean can teach us about ourselves, and our life. Costa Rica called. The beaches, the sun, the spectacular scenery. We packed up our stuff, re-arranged our work schedules, and went. Flip flops, bathing suits, straw…

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a little something I’m grateful for {video}

Lindsey: Gratitude

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I’m in the ring of fire

Suddenly the World Changed Someone very close to me is sick. She’s been diagnosed with a disease. And yet, look at her. Radiant. Fit. Capable and competent. Multi-tasking, raising kids, managing multiple clients. Doctors say there’s nothing they know how to do for this. Ring of Fire The other morning I created a sacred circle…

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