September, 2013

How re-telling your story can change your life. And ignite a better future

Funny. And humbling I want to tell you something funny. It’s so ironic. As I was sitting down to write this article I did the exact thing I was going to write about helping you to not do. There’s something poetic about that—and humbling. Getting caught I was getting started on writing this article and…

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Are things feeling really hard? Remember this one thing.

Just so you know… I have days where things are hard. Where I’d like to crawl beneath the duvet cover, pull it over my head, and stay there—indefinitely. I know you have days like this, too. I know you have days where you wish things were easier, and days that just feel so incredibly tough….

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on the art of doing without doing, and why it can help you get the right things done

Doing Without Doing The other day, it seemed that no matter what I tried to get done, I just didn’t. Writing attempts petered out, emails didn’t get sent, and top-of-the-list super important action items just…weren’t. Three hours in, I finally let go of trying. Instead, I picked up my copy of the Dalai Lama’s Art…

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how to deal with negativity

How to deal with negativity Hey lovely, what kind of thoughts do you think? Our thoughts create our world. Consider this: when you’re having a bad day, slept poorly, and feeling stressed, how does your day go? And when you’re having a great day, slept well, and feel great, how does your day go? You…

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pause here. rest a moment

Where do you think this door leads?

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the trick to getting what you really want

Hey lovely, what do you want? Do you want to know the trick to getting what you really want? Start here If I were to get _____, I’d be happier. That happiness would feel like _____, _____, and _____. Remember: you need to get specific. What does happiness feel like in terms of physical sensation?…

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what Jennifer Lawrence and her Oscar have to do with you and your dharma

Jennifer Lawrence, her Oscar, and your Dharma What do Jennifer Lawrence and her Oscar have to do with you and your dharma? Keep reading. This is proof of really good stuff. Cosmic forces, soul-led living, and deeper, peaceful happiness. Surprising Affirmation The former magazine editor in me still lights up whenever the Vogue tombe lands…

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