March, 2013

Hey Vancouver: Self Loving. Conscious Diva Date Night, April 16

Love that I get to be Vancouver community director for these uplifted, loving ladies–our Conscious Divas. With special co-host, Christine Arylo Do you ever talk down to yourself, think your not good enough or smart enough; do you get upset with yourself or blame yourself when something goes wrong or you make a simple, every…

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20 ways to find peace

If you want to find peace (Don’t look for it) What we focus on grows Looking implies lacking Peace is within us It’s within you Beneath the grasping and the seeking and the searching Sits an unfolded lotus Beneath the frantic actions and trials and errors Sits a Buddha with a contented smile on his…

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the Oprah of all ducks. Weekly inspiration

Weekly Inspiration Looking for inspiration today? Check out this inspiring video of this duck feeding Koi goldfish. Are you signed up to have these delivered straight to your inbox? Click the image below to see the actual video. Duck feeding Koi You get some food, and you get some food, and you get some food!…

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7 steps to start using your intuition today. On track. On purpose.

Making Intuition Choices On purpose. In alignment. On track. Living your dharma. Being who you are meant to be. Shining brighter, bigger. Happier. Healthier. Embracing opportunities. Lit up. Making intuitive choices means that you get to be all of these things. It means you get to know which choice to make. And know you are…

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monday inspirational video. 1.5 minutes. BEAUTIFUL

Monday Inspirational Video Here it is! Did this inspirational video make a difference in your day? Share it with someone else. Let’s lift each other up. Big love, L

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hey Vancouver: Intro to Kundalini Yoga

Intro to Kundalini Yoga We are going to have so much fun in this workshop! Curious about Kundalini yoga? Wonder what all the talk is about? Come find out! This will be a safe, comfortable place to try a new style of yoga. We’ll explore the foundations of Kundalini yoga, learn why and how it’s…

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want things to be different? here’s how [quick, powerful, done]

Caught in the trap Schnap! The trap catches us. Clang! The metal door shuts. Ka-lunk. The lock slides into place. And we are stuck. Stuck in the thinking trap. Trying to think our way out of the stressful situation, trying to analyze it from every angle, sort out the issue and the other issue, and…

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monday inspirational video. get your laugh on. get delighted. 2 minutes.

Monday Inspirational Video Cheers to liberated living. This guy makes my day. Hope he makes yours. Did this Inspirational Video Make a Difference in Your Day? Send it to someone else. Let’s delight. Much love, L

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talks that rock. 15 tips on speaking in public

Lunch and Learns, Speaking Gigs, and Workshops Nausea. Deep and jittery-inducing fear. The urge to hop a plane and arrive somewhere where no one knows my name, preferably with a beach so I can stick my head in the sand. Mood swings. Agitation. “Who the heck do I think I am?”–over and over and over…

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vancouver: light your spark, get ignited. Spark Enrichment evening on Re-Birth and New Beginnings. March 26

Re-Birth and New Beginnings Speaking at this event is going to be so much fun! FROM THE ORGANIZER: Every obstacle in life is a lesson. In the moment of fear, pain and sorrow, the lesson is not clear but we must trust that the Universe has a plan for us as everything happens for a…

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