January, 2013

5 life lessons from a two and a half year old

She’s got these big blue eyes and tiny little hands. She circles her feet when she sleeps. And she talks nearly non-stop when she’s awake. The Two and a Half Year Old Life Coach My niece Maddy’s like a life coach. Even when Especially when recovering from extensive bone surgery. Through the pain meds, the…

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Nancy Duarte. how one woman runs an award-winning firm, and manages family, marriage, some dogs and a frog

If you’re reading this site, you’re likely a woman. And–more than that–you’re likely a woman who has dreams and desires to live a life somewhat outside of ordinary. And you’re likely taking small but steady steps to get yourself there. If you’re like me, you might wonder about how the heck to do that and…

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latest research on ancient practice for relieving stress. it’s not what you think

Stress affects everybody. It can make us feel tired, sad, and overwhelmed. Stress can even make us afraid of taking steps towards living the life we want to live. Recent research done by Japanese scientists at Chiba University shows one small thing can help lower stress in a big way. This activity decreases cortisol level,…

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Vancouver: Love your body. February 5th

I’m feeling all loved-up about facilitating Kate Muker’s Vancouver Diva Date Nights in Gastown. It’s a group of gorgeous souls–all women–who get together to connect and learn from featured presenters from all over North America. On February 5th, we’re hosting the inspiring Amber Krzys. You have the power to stand forward and claim your “enoughness,”…

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the song to help you slow down, and movin’ on up [serena ryder video]

“There’s a light, and I can see it in your eyes… People workin’ every night and day Never give yourself no time Got too many bills to pay Slow down Nothing’s gonna disappear if you Give yourself some room to move to the music you hear. Gotta get up. Listen to me. Clap your hands,…

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the perfect 4 minute video to start your Monday

Happy Monday. Check out this inspirational video. This guy started small and heartfelt. And then things got BIG. Watch and find out how. [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1EwYLZmkUxo&w=560&h=315] Thanks to Daniel Pink for sharing. Big love, L

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yup, it’s world hip hop mom. check out her video of T.I’s Go Get it Remake [music video] More to give…

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nflEpuxGyIU&w=560&h=315] Love this? Monica deserves some share-time. Feel free to Facebook or Tweet it. Big love, L

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keeping the faith. 5 ways to keep the faith in the face of fear

I dream big. Scratch that. I’m called to act on a scale that is bigger than me. It’s like an ache in my heart that gets louder and achier if I try to ignore it. It’s like a fire in my belly that gets stronger and hotter if I stop paying attention. It keeps me…

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rise. and shine.

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Liberated Life 2013. What will you create? [registration open]

2013. What do you want to do with it? “I want to get out of being stuck, and get moving on the life I truly want to live.” “I want to make choices that are right for me, not just what everyone around me wants.” “I want to feel peace and empowerment in every area…

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