December, 2012

liberated life 2013. what will you create? [space is limited]

2013. What do you want to do with it? “I want to get out of being stuck, and get moving on the life I truly want to live.” “I want to make choices that are right for me, not just what everyone around me wants.” “I want to feel peace and empowerment in every area…

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Merry Simple Christmas

On this day, may you have blessings, beauty and bright lights–inside and out. Big love, L

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5 steps to create your dream year on Winter Solstice or New Year’s Eve

Aligning with what’s vital Last year, this simple Winter Solstice ceremony changed my entire year. Friends of mine decided to do it on New Year’s Eve. I took my month-long trip to India off the table. I paused my plans for putting other things on hold, and decided instead to invest more deeply. I heard…

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early boxing day sale: Living Yoga: 7 Pathways to Liberated Living

I know, it’s not Boxing Day. I’m a bit early for a Boxing Day sale. But–I figure at this time of year any moolah-saving is a good thing, no matter what it’s called or when it is. And this way you can get yourself or someone you love a little (big) somethin’ somethin’ for a…

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diving in the dark: exploring our dark side. bright lights ahead. big love

DIVING IN THE DARK A life coaching client of mine got me thinking about our dark side. You know, all that so-called negative stuff, all that uncomfortable, don’t really wanna go near it stuff. The parts of us that don’t get held up under the sun as stuff we feel proud to share with the…

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understanding, custom yoga, gingerbread. #20daysofgiving Day 7 round-up

#20DaysofGiving On December 5, I started the #20daysofgiving Challenge. I’d been doing a lot of ‘wanting.’ And the 20 Days of Giving didn’t come to me first as a challenge; it came to me first as gift. I wasn’t thinking of it; I wasn’t trying for it; and I didn’t expect it. It came into…

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what would you do if money were no object? [inspiring video]

Big love to Cohabitaire for sharing this. L

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vancouver lovin’

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The Giving Tree. 20 days of Giving

Shel Silverstein broke my heart. It was his kid’s book The Giving Tree. The kid just takes and takes and takes. The tree just gives and gives and gives. And the kid stays unhappy–even until he grows all the way up. The tree stays happy–even until she gets cut all the way down. It’s a…

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