November, 2012

new york, new york. pocket full of dreams.

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the beauty of falling apart

There’s a beauty in falling apart. In the raw, unfiltered explosion of emotion that’s been there for so long but tucked away behind the smile. Truth always feels good. Even when it hurts. Even when it makes us want to slide down onto the kitchen floor and wrap our arms around our knees and just…

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From Broke to Billions: 5 True Stories

Music Maker He was a struggling musician, determined to make it in the industry. Scottish by birth, he’d moved to Canada when he was 13 years old when his Dad decided the kids would have more opportunity in the big ol’ white north. After years of dreaming and not giving up, he was nominated for…

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life coaching prices going up Saturday, November 24

Hey freedom-seekers and liberated living lovers… My life coaching prices are going up on Saturday, November 24. If you’ve been thinking and wondering about getting coaching with me and want to get in on my old pricing–and save 30%–this is your heads up. To book your free session, so we can see if we click,…

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intuitive living: recognizing and developing your intuition

Intuition: True Stories 1. A group of students participating in a study were asked to evaluate a professor after watching a one-hour video clip of the professor talking. Another group was asked to evaluate the same professor after watching a thirty minute video clip. A different group watched a two second tape with the sound…

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remembrance day love poem to the world

There was a light in the sky and it grew from a place beyond redemption. There was a light in the sky and it shone from a place beyond guilt. There was a light in the sky and it had no understanding of forgiveness. There was nothing to forgive. There is nothing to forgive. In…

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do less. be more

A young Russian, an atheist academic, realizes all his most-loved change-makers have believed in a higher power. Eg. Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, Shakespeare, and James Joyce. The realization makes his head spin. He goes for a walk and ends up in a church–where “something” came toward him and then into him. He becomes a priest–and is now…

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much love and thanks to Sivana Spirit for the ambassador invite

Big love and mucho thanks to the great guys behind Sivana Spirit–for asking me to be an ambassador. Here’s why I said ‘yes.’ – They use a lot of organic cotton – They import from India – They’re a family-run company – They’re not just into yoga, but also sustainable living So thanks, Sam and…

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