May, 2012

5 scary things powerful people do to feel like a superstar

It’s all natural, baby. They’re walking their walk, talking their talk, shining their superstar shine. How do those powerful people with all that PRESENCE keep on glowing? You know, like they’re doing it with no effort, like they feel confident and happy and free ALL the time? 1. Straddle a chair. Stand tall. Psychologist Deborah…

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people who soar have strengthened their wings this way–do you?

I used to look at people who were living amazing lives and think “It must be so easy for them. They’re confident, smart, business-savvy AND creative. It must just be a snap.” I like to rationalize this temporary insanity by blaming it on my lack of self-awareness at the time. (I might use that excuse…

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dear doubt. I’m doing it anyway

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new york in short + grabbing the lizard brain by the jugular

MY FLYING MANTRA I’m not the only one petrified to fly. Anxiety runs in my family. My aunt once leapt from her seat to stand near the closing door to the plane cabin, so she could take what felt like her last breaths. “Mam, we need you to take your seat NOW.’ ‘I know, I…

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