March, 2012

the how of happiness: aka, the real reason I left my former magazine editor dream job to fumble my way towards my dream life

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is positive thinking all it’s cracked up to be? the power behind feeling vs. trying

Think positive! Be on the bright side! See that glass? It’s not half-empty, it’s half-full! Right?!!! Oy. It can be exhausting just thinking about positive thinking. The benefits of looking for the good in every situation, catching thoughts that we label ‘negative’ and shaking a very stern finger at them, and intoning affirmations written by…

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when’s the only time you can be happy?

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illumination station: are your thoughts serving you?

Beyond our mind, beyond the verbal, analytical part of our brain–there is joy. And peace. Strength. A vibrant, illuminated soul. Clear the path, clear the way, let the light shine. We can move beyond our thoughts–especially our lizard brain. The verbal, analytical part of our brain processes 40 bits of information per second. Very impressive!…

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