November, 2011

Why Living Our Dreams is Less Work, More Play

CLEAR SKY, FUZZY HEAD The sky was clear, the sun was rising, and I was charging over the Granville Street Bridge, pony tail bouncing, shoes click-clacking: purposeful, determined, energized—and confused. The little things count. Everything we do or dedicate our intention towards matters. Especially when we’re living a dream. As ease-full as it can be…

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overriding lizard brain. 5 ways to go beyond fear, anger + negativity

THE WAY IN The mind has a way of taking control. Scientists call our Amygdala–the region of our brain pretty much in charge of feelings of anxiety, fear, anger and negativity–our “lizard brain.” Why lizard brain? Because this area of our brain evolved a loooong time ago, back when our primal lizard-ish concerns were much…

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taking a vacation from fear. 6 tools + tips to transform an hour–or your life

What would happen if we took a vacation from fear? What would happen if we dropped the worrying? This was the question posed by Martha Beck to all of us in her Life Coaching training seminar the other day. She asks this same question of her clients, when they’re feeling consumed with worry. Does it…

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