April, 2011

inspiring: do you have a message for humanity? what would you say? [vid]

Retired lithographer Gordon McCann has made it his mission to give people a voice. He began in Vancouver’s infamous Downtown Eastside, with the intention of helping the homeless people there reach out to those who don’t hear them. It went so well he decided to do as many neighbourhoods as he could. I happened to…

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5 Hidden Travel Gems on Granville Island, Vancouver, BC

It’s sensation stimulation grande central. Vancouver BC’s Granville Island is known as a mecca for creativity: musicians, artisans, clothing designers, pottery- and broom-makers, specialty coffee roasters, and many more. Buskers fill the streets with music. Children skip through the Kids Market. Students at Emily Carr University of Art + Design haul their canvases between classes….

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5 tips for tapping into your yoga flow when you can’t get on your mat. hint: make it with music

1. Breathe. We forget this. Breathing long, deep, yogi breaths can happen anytime, anywhere. Inhaling allll the way up from our belly, into our chest so our ribcage expands, even up to the roof of our mouth. Then our exhale drops down, all the back down to our bellies. This kind of breathing comes naturally…

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5 Qs with Anusara Yoga Founder John Friend: on Kundalini, Tantra, and the Divine

5 Qs with Anusara Yoga Founder John Friend 1. Anusara, which you founded, is one of the fastest-growing styles of Hatha yoga today. Can you tell us why? Anusara yoga is one of the fastest-growing styles because it is an artistic, celebratory, and empowering practice. It is based on a life-affirming vision with an overall…

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meditation as resentment management: aka that person who really peeves me is my teacher

“Always meditate on whatever provokes resentment.” Part of the Buddhist Tonglen meditation teachings is this statement. I’m no expert, I’m new to this Buddhist stuff, but from what I’m learning, it’s worth loving. This statement rose up to meet my irritated mind the other day. I was thinking of someone I know who absolutely drives…

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Inspired: 5 Stories of Dumping the Fear and Following Dreams

This story is about five people we at Libre Living consider ourselves very lucky to know. It begins, as most stories do, at the beginning. But it wasn’t the Beginning, with a capital ‘B’, that our protagonists each thought it was. Because each of our protagonists–the five we consider ourselves very lucky to know–had started…

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aching for a break? how to take a vacation when you can’t take a vacation. hint: zen mind and beginner’s mind is big here

THE TRAVELLING HIGHTravelling is addicting. I think probably a lot of Joy for Life readers feel this way. I recently read that serotinin—that’s the happy brain chemical—is released when we experience something new. Even receiving new emails is apparently enough to kick it into gear. No wonder we love being on vacation! New-ness around ever…

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monday gratitude list: raindrops, rubber boots, and daffodils

It’s springtime on the West Coast and the rain is dumping down. Great, fat raindrops that soak you instantly when they plop onto your shoulder. Or tiny, nearly-invisible raindrops that form an all-encompassing damp that chills you deeper with every step. So today, I’m grateful for umbrellas.And pockets–for tucking otherwise numb fingers inside.Daffodils that, despite…

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be extraordinary. because you are

Uta Hagen was a German-born American actress and drama teacher. Here she is in action: Some inspiration for participants in our upcoming Vancouver, BC creativity retreat: Spark: Re-Ignite Your Creative Self.

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