March, 2011

easing into it: on letting go, taking the piss, and having a laugh–on and off the yoga mat

GETTING PISSED OFFI was in a yoga class with yoga therapist Susan Van Zag the other day. She started our class–a tailored ascent into dancer’s pose–with a story, or rather, “a thing” as she smilingly called it. She talked about how she’d had been upset by something a friend of hers had done, how she’d…

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5 creativity blogs to get your creativity mojo flowing

Everyone–no matter how creative–needs a little stimulation sometimes. A little inspiration. Thankfully, a little inspiration goes a long way. Take 5 minutes to check out one of these uber spark-inducing blogs compiled for you by us here at Libre Retreats, and dive into your creative self. She (or he) is waiting. 1. Idea Sandbox The…

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6 mindfulness tips for meditating–and daily living

Back when I first started doing mindfulness-based corporate stress buster workshops for maxed out 9 to 5ers, I thought I’d come up with something truly unique and revolutionary. It’s always nice when the universe conspires to keep your ego in check. Though what I taught was fresh and new for the people who attended, I’ve learned…

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8 Ways to Help the Victims of Japan’s Earthquake and Tsunami

10 Ways to Help Japan, via My Yoga OnlineTHREE FAVES: Save the Children is currently organizing efforts. Donations to its Children’s Emergency Fund will support outreach in Japan. has launched the Japan Earthquake and Tsunami Relief Fund. Monies gathered via this fund will be given to a host of relief organizations helping victims around…

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5 yoga tips for lovers. singletons included, and chocolate-lovers, too. inspiration from David Deida [vid]

Have you read any of the works by David Deida? Immersed in the world of Hatha yoga, Tai Chi Chuan and meditation, plus research in medicine and consciousness since he was a teen (yup, he was admitted to the Florida Scholars Program for “gifted and unusual students” at the University of Florida before he’d even…

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i’m loving: sensual reading, ramped-up comfort food, loving the unlikeable, and, well, Oprah actually

Here are just a few of my favourite things right now–sharing with Libre Living readers because they might become faves of yours, too, if they’re not already. 1. The Gift: Poems by HafizWhen I read these poems I get flashbacks of devouring them like cake last summer, lying on my back beneath a startling blue…

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shoot for the moon. if you miss, you’ll land among the stars

Reach high, for stars lie hidden in your soul. Dream deep, for every dream precedes the goal. ~Pamela Vaul Starr

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what the saint said, dharma, and daring to dream

WHAT THE SAINT SAID“Come here,” she said, “Sit down.” He knelt beside her and she leaned close. “No amount of medicine in the world will cure people’s sickness. People are sick because they are not following their dharma. You must help them find their dreams.” She was Ama–the hugging saint, absolutely, completely dedicated and called to…

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love your life, and yourself–in one minute and 30 seconds [vid]

THIS is gorgeous! THIS is beauty. THIS is worth the one minute and 30 seconds, Libre Living readers. It’s also right in line with what Buddhist teacher Pema Chodron shares. “What if it just doesn’t get any better than this? You might find that inside of the sadness, the grief, the despair, lies something else,…

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