February, 2011

music is love: dive into the Ahn Trio on TedTalks [vid]

Music–making it or listening to it–can tap us into that same space where our own creativity comes from. Watch the Ahn sisters in action. Listen deeply. Get inspired.

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it’s a calling, and it speaks to you every day, to walk your way

What’s calling you? What’s missing? There’s these stereotypes about yoga teachers. We’re flighty, naïve, innocent, good at meditating but bad at balancing our checkbooks, great as floaters, bad as planners. And don’t ask us to meet a deadline—we don’t even know what that is. But…what if we do? And what if we can? Ask your…

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5 Tips on Getting Your Meditation Mojo Flowing

Ever sit down to meditate and feel like you’ve failed? Me too. Luckily, then I get this nice little voice in my head that comes from a great big source. It says, “There is no try. Only do.” Ha. But in all seriousness, Yoda was onto something. Meditation isn’t about trying. It’s about being. And…

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i’ve met the person I want to spend my life with. she’s not perfect

I met the person I want to spend my life with. She’s not perfect. She’s kind of a pain in the ass sometimes. When she’s excited about something she wants it to happen yesterday. And when she’s not in the best mood, she can be a bit of a princess. Youngest kids in the family…

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valentines (that’s you): illuminate your life with The Neon Bonfire [incredible 5-minute vid]

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bCdS-Gz0GVE&w=480&h=390]

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do you really need love?

Can love do it all? Can it lower your blood pressure, reduce depression, and make injuries heal faster? Recent research by the Washington Post says yes. Apparently, according to the experts consulted (psychology profs, departments of health and human service, social psychologists and the like):– having someone to support us through stressful times makes the…

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ev-love: ‘evolve’ spelled backwards

EV-LOVE love is giving love isevolution, revolutionradical thinking, mindlessness sinkingcounter-culture, culture-jamming pop! the bubble is not naivityit is notbelieving in, or having faith the bubble is the chasmit is every ‘ism’ that divides us from ourselves pop! love is the pinthat shatters the glass we didn’t even realize it had been thereuntil the breeze blew…

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don’t freak out: 6 yoga tips for when life goes nuts

9 pm. 10 pm. 11 pm. The hours tick by like minutes. So do the days. I’m fueled by a dream–my soon-to-be-shared officially incorporated dedication to spreading practical, inspiring tools for a life well-loved. So what does this mean for my daily routine? Gone are the seamless evenings spent writing or painting. Gone are the…

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