December, 2010

what I learned in 2010: it’s all about love

Most of all, 2010 has been about love. I’d made a decision to consciously explore love as giving this year. It wasn’t that I had never been there, in that loving-giving space. But I hadn’t been there consciously. THE SEARCH FOR LOVE I believe the search for the deep, encompassing love another person gives to…

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Jonathan Fields: Turning Fear into Fuel [vid]

Jonathan Fields on how to turn fear into fuel. Fantastic!

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shiva rea DVD giveaway: get it before it hits stores

CONTEST FINITO: Jay Suttonbrown, RTY, @awesomeyoga, wins the DVD! Shiva Rea, she of the uber vinyasa flow style and creator of the renowned Yoga Trance Dance, is releasing a new DVD tomorrow. Power Flow Yoga has, and I quote, “3 hours of energetic vinyasa to mix and match with the Shiva Rea yoga matrix!” If…

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paul mccartney: simply having a wonderful christmas time [vid]

Merry Christmas! [youtube]

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in praise of awe + 5 ways to get it

The little tree sparkled. From trunk to tip, tiny specks of light glowed golden bright. It wasn’t man-made. It was the play of street lights on droplets of rain that had gathered on its branches. It stopped us in our tracks. We paused mid-stride and mid-sentence to gaze open-mouthed at its natural beauty. We looked…

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what is happiness? french scientist-turned Buddhist monk on TEDtalks [vid]


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the beauty of falling to pieces + 5 tips for letting your yoga practice help you

So, what’s new? A friend I haven’t seen in a few weeks asked me this over the weekend. Actually, I’ve started a huge new project–more on that in the new year, it’s a secret for now–taken up painting, and been on a couple weekend trips. But the honest, most authentic answer I wanted to share…

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opening and closing, or, experiments with pleasure and pain

Energy centres. Awareness centres. Heart centre. Mind. Shutting down. Closing off. Opening up. Turning on. THIS IS AN EXPLORATIONThe curious fact is that we can’t choose one or the other in certain circumstances, and not have that choice emanate out into other areas of our lives. The curious, challenging fact is that if we close down to certain…

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Eat, Pray, Love’s Elizabeth Gilbert on Creativity [vid]

Eat, Pray, Love’s Elizabeth Gilbert’s TEDtalk on creativity. Your creative self is gonna love this!

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9 tips for tailoring your practice for winter + ayur veda insight, from Melina Meza

I heart sharing Melina Meza’s posts on Joy for Life. She’s truly tuned into how yoga and Ayur Veda can be used to keep our good health mojo flowing. Even my Ayur Vedic doc Shiva would love her recommendations. Here’s her latest blog, outlining what to alter about your practice for Winter. I can personally vouch…

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