October, 2010

5 yoga-inspired tools to beat insomnia, for Elephant Journal

Apparently the National Sleep Foundation is onto something. If the number of hits to my last post, Yoga Tools for Sleeping Well, are any indication, their statement that 65% of all Americans have trouble sleeping is bang-on. So here are some more tools I’ve used along the way to become a slumbering, dreamy sleeper. I…

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boost: best flash-dance ever

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gratitude for the pains in the arses

I HEART BEING CHALLENGEDWhere do you get stuck? Where are you hookable? I’m alert to these questions these days. If you’ve been reading my blog here at Joy for Life, you know I’m diving into the work and teachings of Pema Chodron. I’m not the first and I won’t be the last to sing her…

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5 Q’s with Gurmukh: rapid Kundalini yoga, why the white, and on compassion

She’s powerful, she’s inspiring, she’s potentially life-changing. 5 questions with Kundalini yogini to the stars Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa. 1. What’s the magic behind Kundalini yoga? What makes it so effective in terms of personal growth and spiritual evolution? The magic of Kundalini Yoga is that it works fast. In this world where people are being…

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thanksgiving holiday helpers: 5 yoga tips to keep you calm and strong

Thanksgiving. An enormous dinner with all the trimmings. Pumpkin pie with whipped cream. And family. Lots and lots of family. Crikey. If you’re like me, family can push buttons you didn’t even know you had. Or ones you thought no longer existed. One minute you’re basking in the comforting embrace of the ones you’ve spent…

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compassion in action II: include yourself

Compassion in action. What does it mean? I’m still considering this. My good friend and Kundalini yoga teacher Carol, who studied body-work and energy healing for 14 years, says this:When you take on other people’s pain, you take on their energy. Their energy, no matter how wonderful a person they are, doesn’t feel wonderful when you’re carrying it….

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