June, 2010

listen to the mustn’ts, child

Love this little ditty from Shell Silverstein’s Where the Sidewalk Ends

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yoga and shopping: BFFs or enemies? for ElephantJournal.com

Not a word that would normally noodle into our everyday conversation, ‘covetous’ is one of those loaded terms, heavily weighted with religious nutso associations and lifestyle demands that seem to leave little left for living. It shows up in yogic philosophy, too, tagged onto the last of the yamas, or best-life behavioural tips, recorded by…

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Bellyfit: q+a with the creator of this fusion body-soul rockin’ practice [video]

The amazing Alice Bracegirdle, founder and CEO of Bellyfit, shares her passion and joy with Joy Yoga readers. 1. Why Bellyfit?As with most successful business ventures, Bellyfit® was created out of a personal need that turned out to be the need of many. In early 2003 I found myself at a personal low. After having…

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free love: go for it

Had to post this on Joy Yoga.

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hemalayaa: bollywood dance, yoga, joy and love all the time [vid]

Hemalayaa, she of the Bollywood booty-shaking dance moves and yoga love, shared her light with Joy Yoga readers recently. 1. You teach Bollywood-style dance, among other practices. Why dance?We were born dancing and some of us have forgotten how good it feels to move our bodies and be free in that way. I believe dance…

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K’s Choice: Come Live the Life You’re Given [music vid]

This is beautiful. I want to buy this song! But apparently I can’t in Canada, through iTunes or their site. If anyone can tell me how to get it, please let me know.

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Top 5 Insights from yoga teacher Elena Brower [video] (plus Yoga at the Great Lawn)

Amazing Anusara yogini Elena Brower took time out from running her New York studio, Vira Yoga, being an Adidas yoga global trainer, and a mom, to share some life-lifting insights with Joy Yoga readers. Yay for us! 1. You teach Anusara yoga. Why this style, rather than another? Anusara has a fundamental focus on alignment,…

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yoga teachers: omniscient or just average?

Yoga Teachers Rock“It was like everything you said was meant for me.” “She devoted the class to something I’d been wanting to work on for ages. It was amazing.” “He just gets you, somehow.” All of these quotations are straight from students’ mouths. And all of them are about yoga teachers. Conclusion: Yoga teachers are…

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Top 5 Yoga Stress Busters, for Elephant Journal

Here’s what happens when we get stressed.Our sympathetic nervous system leaps in—with the best of intentions, to help us out. Suddenly, our heart starts pounding to increase circulation, our muscles contract to get ready for action, our digestive system slows down, our awareness centres power up, and adrenaline and the stress hormone cortisol pump through…

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India government cracking down on yoga invention

Interesting article from The Guardian UK. Are you power, nude, laughing, Christian or contemporary? Or perhaps you are pure ashtanga vinyasa? If your preferred yoga style is among the former you could find yourself on the wrong side of an effort to define what constitutes the millennia-old physical and mental discipline. An Indian government body…

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