March, 2010

yay recession! more yoga for more people with less money

Cool fact, reported by the Associated Press. Less money for more people = more people doing yoga. Is there something greater at work here? Cash-strapped Americans still seek athletic valueBy EDDIE PELLS (AP) – March 29, 2010 In a sign that the economy is still struggling, a survey shows Americans keep looking for value when…

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check it out desk jockeys: yoga tips for you

They’re targeting online college students, but these tips can be used by anyone spending any time at a desk. I offered five. They ran two. Ah well. You can read the rest of them below, and get more insight from me, and other yogis in the full article. 1. Ankles and FeetAlternate between pressing the…

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america ferrera: filming how to train your dragon like doing yoga

[youtube]Ugly Betty’s Amercia Ferrera says that doing the voice of Astrid in Dreamworks’ new flick. ‘How to Train Your Dragon’ was like doing yoga. Says the star: “I just had fun with it. I always came back from the sessions feeling so relaxed, like I had done yoga or something.” Go to the official…

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top 10 tips for making it earth hour, every hour

Here’s some of the tips, from my latest post on My Yoga Online’s blog. Read the full article here. This Saturday, March 27, My Yoga Online is celebrating Earth Hour. At 8:30 pm local time, hundreds of millions of people all over the world will be turning out the lights for 60 minutes. Earth Hour…

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hallelujah, leonard cohen and will blunderfield

Love this song. Here it is, recently released by local Vancouver yogi Will Blunderfield.[youtube]

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small steps, big results

At any momentyou have a choicethat either leads you closer to your spirit,or further away from it.~ Thich Nhat Hanh RELATEDThich Nhat Hanh: madness and mindfulness

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you, me and death

Holy CowI’ve been re-reading Sarah MacDonald’s Holy Cow, and considering her Buddhist studies, especially the idea that we should all sit down and think about death. Our own death. The death of loved ones. So I had it in my head at the beginning of this week that I might start thinking a bit about…

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eat, pray love trailer just released RELATEDelizabeth gilbert on nurturing creativity

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the risk to bloom

And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a budwas more painful than the risk it took to bloom.~ Anais Nin

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fear, narrow-mindedness: cheers to you

There’s something to be said for confusion. Also: fear, anxiety, uncertainty, insecurities, narrow-mindedness, and just scraping by. And something to be said to them: Thank you. Before today, before this life that I’m living now, I was chalk full of all of the above. (I still have episodes of all them; they just don’t take…

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